Life is a journey with a fixed origin and a known destination but a peripatetic path full of yet-to-be-discovered waypoints.

The next phase of my journey is with Marco. As Chief Technology Officer at Marco, I will lead a small but growing team of fantastic engineers and work closely with CEO Jacob Shoihet and COO Peter Spradling.

Our shared goal is to democratize access to the financial system through innovative solutions built for an increasingly interconnected world where value must flow unimpeded across artificial lines on a map.

When I first started working at Ripple, almost a decade ago, I didn’t know much about the technical underpinnings of the financial system. But I learned quickly that the processes and the systems in place were sluggish and antiquated.

The lethargic pace of those legacy processes stifles businesses, limiting their potential. At Marco, we leverage technology to remove that friction and help our customers fuel their growth.

Our growing suite of products is centered around factoring, giving our customers access to the funds they need in hours instead of weeks. What’s more, we take the long view: instead of being a service provider, we seek to be a trusted long-term partner. And that long view is especially appealing to me, as is the fact that most of our customers are small businesses, underserved by the legacy financial system.

I am incredibly excited about this new opportunity. As I told my new Marco teammates on my first day, I am proud to work alongside them to drive change and help democratize and streamline access to financing.

Oh, and one more thing: I’m hiring. If you’re interested, hit me up at