I've worked on a number of projects or snippets of code which I find to particularly interesting or which I think are work sharing. Here's a list of those of those projects. Some of these are and will remain closed source, primarily because they were works for hire. I'll open- source any projects that I can.




A Linux-based backup tool that could be used to easily create differential backups of data stored across multiple computers. Backups were compressed, encrypted and automatically uploaded ot Amazon's S3 cloud storage service.

Sand Pit


A Windows-based user-space tool to isolate and trace the execution of untrusted programs by using dynamic API hooking, programmatic code injection and instrumentation, as well smart redirection of file, registry and, when possible, network I/O.

Mr. Sparkle


Mr. Sparkle was a tool developed to combat a large computer botnet that was using IRC for C&C. A scriptable tool, with a flexible rule engine, it was able to identify and eliminate 32 different botnet strains from Windows XP machines without any user intervention.