About Me

I am a cryptographer and a software engineer with a robust academic background, significant management experience and over 20 years of practical, hands-on development experience, primarily in C++.

I have developed just about everything from shiny user interfaces to low-level kernel drivers. I’ve worked on servers that handle tens of thousands of users, caching software that accelerates hard drives using SSDs, encrypted communications systems and secure distributed storage & backup systems.

Together with Alex Popovich, I co-founded CodeLaboratories, which has gone on to develop a range of successful software and hardware products including the DUO3D stereo camera.

My Interests

My interests are diverse. Currently my professional interests are focused on blockchain and fintech, security and distributed computing.

I enjoy reading books, primarily on physics and philosophy, but will devour just about any non-fiction work placed in front of me. I have been involved with remote control cars and planes for many years and derive a lot of satisfaction from that.